Quick Guide: Salesify Zoom App

Salesify simplifies capturing and disseminating key meeting insights. Forget the hassle of hurried conversation analysis. With Salesify, record your calls effortlessly and gain instant access to a transcript, AI-generated summary and coaching of the entire discussion. Ideal for recalling critical points, compiling notes easily, learning about areas to improve on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I have privacy concerns? Who can view my recordings?
Your interactions with Salesify remain strictly confidential, visible only when you decide to share them. For more details, visit: https://.salesify.ai/privacy-policy

What's the storage capacity for recordings?
Storage capacity is unlimited.

What's the cost of using Salesify?
Salesify offers an outstanding free plan with unlimited storage. Our Premium plan adds enhanced AI functionalities, and customizable bot names for an upgraded experience.

Does Salesify replace Zoom?
No, Salesify is designed to enhance your Zoom usage, not to replace it.

Installing Salesify Zoom App
Navigate to the Apps section in your Zoom app.
2. Locate Salesify by searching and click on Add.
3. Proceed to sign into your Zoom account.
4. Approve the permissions required and select Authorize.
5. Link your calendar for seamless integration.
6. Post-installation, start a guided test call for Salesify to begin its onboarding process.
7. Conclude the meeting for all participants, then proceed with the tutorial.
8. Launch the Salesify App to finish the onboarding and installation process. Utilizing Salesify in Calls

Launching Salesify:
Once your Zoom meeting begins, access the Salesify App via the Zoom Apps Icon.

Live Panel Use:
The live panel appears to the right of your Zoom window upon opening Salesify. This panel acts as your control hub for identifying important meeting moments. Utilize the designated buttons (highlight, bookmark, action item) to make quick, referable notes.

Recording with Salesify:
Hit the green start recording button to commence. Activate auto-recording for future external meetings through the customization settings to avoid manual starts.

Action Items:
With a simple click, log meetings' tasks, events, or activities as action items for later review and completion.

When a meeting is recorded, the meeting will be logged and you will be able to see a score out of 10 on your call .
Capture essential call moments by using the highlight feature. These moments are your meeting's key takeaways.

Call View Overview:
This feature compiles all elements from your call—recording, action items, objections, pain points, sentiment and full transcript—in one place.

Editing and Sharing Capabilities:
Edit, add, or remove highlights, bookmarks, or action items with ease next to transcript sections. Share specific notes or the entire summary effortlessly.

Uninstalling Salesify
1. Log into your Zoom account and go to the Zoom Marketplace.
2. Navigate to Manage > Installed Apps or directly search for Salesify.
3. Click Uninstall next to Salesify and confirm.

Remember to disable auto-record or recording consent in your settings at https://app.salesify.ai/customize after uninstalling.

Need help? Email us at help@salesify.ai. We're here to assist you!