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Salesify Accelerates Your Sales Growth with AI Sales Coaching

We’re looking for the best and brightest to help us deliver amazing feats of engineering and bring a revolutionary new software product to market.

Our Story

Created by brothers Ethan and Madison in 2023, Salesify was born out of necessity. They worked for 4 years on their sales agency, helping their clients grow outbound sales. The common pitfall was that the clients didn't know how to sell effectively. They knew there must be a better way!

Today, we proudly serve customers worldwide and from diverse industries (SaaS, Tech, Real Estate, etc.), providing them with the tools they need to boost sales and elevate their brands through effortless affiliate marketing. With Salesify, launching, managing, and scaling your sales and sales team is as simple as can be.

Sales team analyzing call data and transcrips provided by Salesify to improve strategies

Our Mission

At Salesify, we're committed to making sales coaching  available, cost effective and easy for every business. Our mission is simple: to provide accessible, intuitive, and cost-effective sales coaching software. We're dedicated to making sales success transparent, effective, and, above all, straightforward. Join us in unlocking your business's full potential with the industry's finest AI sales coaching solution.

We’re driven by our beliefs

Listening is the key to understanding
Graphic showing enhanced sales performance metrics achieved through Salesify.ai's conversational AI.
Shared truth is born out of shared reality
The best ideas come from connecting

Meet the founders

Ethan and Madison, brothers from Canada with a shared passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, are the creative minds behind Salesify. Combining Ethan's expertise in technology and Madison's background in business strategy, they set out to revolutionize the sales industry. Salesify was born from their vision to provide businesses with cutting-edge tools to streamline sales processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth. Together, they bring a dynamic synergy that fuels their mission to empower businesses worldwide.

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