March 27, 2024

Press Release: Salesify Beta Waitlist Launch

Ethan Wade


Salesify aims to redefine the B2B sales landscape by enabling sales teams to harness the power of advanced sentiment analysis and personalized coaching through its generative-AI-driven platform. They provide detailed post-call insights that assist sellers in connecting more effectively with their prospects during the discovery and demo phases of the sales process to accelerate revenue generation for businesses.

Sales teams are not as productive as they could be," stated Ethan Wade, Co-Founder and CEO of Salesify. "Last year, only 37% of sales representatives met their quotas. Why is that? On average, the top 20% of performers generate 80% of your revenue, which means 80% of your representatives are underperforming. If you're losing sleep over deal-making, Salesify was created to address this exact issue. It sharpens the focus of sales reps on what truly matters—driving revenue and ensuring that the right buyers choose you over your competitors.

Salesify helps sellers:

Take The Right Next Steps: By analyzing call transcripts, Salesify identifies key buying signals from sales calls to generate a sentiment score to guide salespeople through the pursuit of deals.

Enhance Sales Skills: By analyzing post-call data, Salesify pinpoints conversational areas and strategies needing refinement. This ensures sales reps are better equipped for future interactions, increasing the likelihood of success.

Improve Sales Management: The platform streamlines follow-up processes with AI-generated, personalized messages that address key action items and highlight pain points, fostering more meaningful engagements.

Join the Salesify Beta Waitlist:

Be among the first to experience the future of sales. The Salesify beta waitlist is now open. Early subscribers will receive an exclusive invitation to the beta launch and a 20% discount for the first six months. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your sales process. For more information and to join the waitlist, visit the Salesify Waitlist.

About Salesify:

Founded by brothers Madison and Ethan Wade, Salesify stands at the forefront of conversational intelligence platforms and is committed to enhancing sales interactions and boosting revenue generation. Building on their success in sales outsourcing with Dreamline Digital since 2018, the Wades conceptualized Salesify to improve demo effectiveness and sales performance. Integrating seamlessly with video conferencing apps and employing advanced LLMs, Salesify enables businesses to establish predictable pipelines, enhance selling capabilities, and significantly increase customer lifetime value.

With over 100 businesses already on board, Salesify is set to redefine sales intelligence, offering a unified and impactful customer experience. Salesify empowers professionals to engage with prospects with unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness anywhere and anytime.

Ethan Wade
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