March 27, 2024

Gong Alternatives for Boosting Sales Team Performance

By Ethan Wade

Seeking out Gong alternatives? You're in the right spot.

Gong is undeniably a heavyweight in its domain, celebrated for its unique set of features. However, the notion that one solution fits all is a myth, especially in the diverse landscape of sales teams. Whether due to Gong's intricate intelligence features being less accessible in practical scenarios, its significant cost burden, or the extensive onboarding time required to see value, alternatives are in high demand.

Sales teams, especially those within startups, seek Gong substitutes primarily for three reasons:

  1. Challenges in Utilizing Gong's Intelligence Features: "The theory sounded promising, but putting it into practice was another story," shared a sales leader from a series B startup.
  2. Cost Prohibitive: The average annual expense of using Gong sits at a steep $30,000, a hefty sum for teams with limited budgets.
  3. Implementation and Onboarding Time: Getting started with Gong and seeing its value can stretch over weeks, a delay not all teams can afford.

For most teams, including yours, a simpler, more direct tool might be the key to unlocking coaching potential and clinching more deals.

Top Alternatives to Gong for Elevating Your Sales Team


Let's address Salesify first, not just because we're discussing alternatives, but because of its appeal due to simplicity and affordability. Salesify is a standout for sales teams transitioning from Gong, praised for making call recording and conversation intelligence straightforward and cost-effective for all users.

Salesify's Offering:

  • An AI-powered tool for meeting recording, transcripts,  insight capture, mail follow ups, and analysis.
  • Simple onboarding: Sign up, connnect your calendar, and invite your team. Salesify auto-joins sales calls to record, transcribe, and summarize using AI.
  • Call Sentiment: Get feedback from there AI  with easily accessible call records, understand talk-listen ratios, share feedback instantly.

Pricing: Salesify offers a free plan for immediate trials, with a business plan at $39 per user/month, making it an affordable alternative without the hefty fees associated with Gong. - (ZoomInfo) steps up as another Gong rival, focusing on boosting sales productivity and deal closures through advanced AI analysis of sales calls.

Chorus's Highlights:

  • Advanced recording, transcription, and sales call analysis.
  • Features for effective coaching and collaboration.
  • Integration with Salesforce for seamless deal insight and risk identification.

Pricing: Starting at $8000/year for three seats, positions itself as a premium option, yet it brings a unique blend of ease of use and deep integration with Salesforce to the table.


Salesloft presents itself as a comprehensive sales engagement platform, offering a suite of tools for enhanced buyer communication and performance insights.

Key Features:

  • Automation and personalized messaging through Cadence + Automation.
  • One-click calling and detailed call analytics with Dialer + Messenger.
  • Advanced deal tracking and analytics for optimizing sales strategies.

Pricing: User-based pricing ranges from $125 to $165 per month, offering a scalable solution without the significant platform fees of Gong.

Outreach - (Kaia)

Outreach parallels Salesloft in offering a broad spectrum of sales optimization tools, from prospecting to advanced forecasting.

Outreach's Toolkit Includes:

  • Comprehensive deal management and pipeline insights.
  • Rep coaching tools for performance analysis and improvement.
  • Advanced forecasting capabilities for precise sales predictions.

Pricing: With licenses ranging from $80 to $140 per user/month, Outreach provides a tailored approach to sales team needs without additional platform fees.

Wingman, Avoma, and Zoom IQ

Each of these platforms brings its own flavor to the conversation intelligence and sales coaching realm, from Wingman's focus on call recording and analysis to Avoma's meeting assistance and Zoom IQ's seamless integration for Zoom users.

In selecting the right tool to replace Gong, it's vital to weigh the specific needs, budget constraints, and strategic goals of your sales team. While Gong has set a high standard, the diversity of alternatives ensures there's a solution out there that fits your unique requirements, empowering your team to achieve and exceed its sales targets.

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